Duration 4.05
by TVS

Durham Green Retirement Village

Durham Green is a prestigious retirement village set in the rolling hills of Menangle, NSW. The owners wanted a video that showed the vibrant community-based lifestyle of fun, activity and luxury, with plenty of opportunity for individual freedom, hobbies and sporting activities.

Duration 0.21
by TVS

Fork 'n' Knife - Chef Daniel

Chef Daniel of Fork 'n Knife is a master culinary expert whose mission in life is to offer an exceptional eating experience to his guests. Daniel also conducts group cooking classes where he shares his extensive experience on food selection, ingredients and cooking techniques in his own enthusiastic and entertaining manner. This video serves as a brief introduction.

Duration 1.00
by TVS

Enerjii Energising Jewellery

This is a TV commercial shown on the seat back entertainment system in planes. The catalogue item it promotes is an energy bracelet with magnets and both far infrared and negative ion inserts. 3D animation was employed to give it a playful story.