Who Are You?

What customer benefit do you offer?

We start by learning about your business, your target market and the services or products you provide. What customer needs or problems does it solve? In what way is it better or different from your competitors? Who are your customers and what do they think of your brand, product and service? Who are your target prospects? What are the challenges or ‘pain points’ they may be experiencing? What are the frustrations they’re currently going through and the challenges they are trying to overcome? Our goal is to identify your potential customers’ questions and concerns and show them your solutions.

But first we need to define what type of video you need or want. Is it an animated explainer video, a product pitch, a PR exercise or an internal staff training video? Is its purpose to sell, explain, teach or train? Should the tone be formal or informal? Our goal is to take your vision and implement it on video using our creative expertise to obtain the outcome you desire.

Video provides you with the opportunity to make your story feel less like an advertisement and more like content people would naturally choose to engage with—by providing a back-story about your brand or product, with visually immersive experiences.

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